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Yearly Archives: 2017

  • 4 Reasons to Choose Insert Molding for Plastic Parts

    Insert molding is a specialized type of injection molding that combines different materials into a single finished part. While 2 shot molding allows multiple types of plastics to be combined, insert molding allows the inclusion of metal components in a plastic part. For example, you could have a plastic cabinet-door knob with a metal fastening…

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  • Viking Plastics Acquires Kentucky Manufacturing & Technology

    Acquisition enables Viking Plastics to expand into Southeast U.S. and into new markets   Corry, PA — May 9, 2017 — Viking Plastics, a leading injection molding and value-added assembly service provider, today announced its acquisition of Kentucky Manufacturing & Technology (KMT), a Louisville, KY-based manufacturer of high-precision, custom injection molded products. The acquisition of…

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  • 4 Reasons 2 Shot Molding is Better than Part Assembly

    When plastic parts require two components — especially if those components need to be different colors or made from different plastic polymers or resins — then you will benefit from working with a plastic injection molding company that has 2 shot molding capabilities. 2 shot molding creates one, integrated part from two different resins using a…

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  • Viking Academy Graduation- Class 8

    Viking Academy is a 12 class program with a mission of developing a culture of continuous improvement through education, engagement, and enthusiasm towards continuous improvement practices and Viking. Along with learning various lean initiatives, the class also performs a SWOT analysis on the company, and learns about company history, financials, IT, and quality.  Each class picks…

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  • Viking Plastics’ Suzhou, China, Partner Poly-Cast Plant to Expand

    The new facility will double Poly-Cast Suzhou’s current footprint and support expanded capabilities and continued growth.  The Poly-Cast Co. Ltd. plastic injection molding plant in Suzhou, China, is expanding to a new facility in Q2 2017, doubling its current square footage to support consistent annual growth. The business is owned by Corry, PA-based Viking Plastics…

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  • Injequaly Expands to New Plastic Injection Molding Facility in Aruja, São Paulo, Brazil

    Viking Plastics partner projects continued growth throughout 2017. São Paulo, Brazil-based plastic injection molding company Injequaly, a partner of Viking Plastics headquartered in Corry, PA, recently moved to a new, larger facility in Aruja to better serve its customers and expand business with companies throughout Brazil. Injequaly’s new 2,000-square-meter facility provides twice the manufacturing floor…

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