When plastic parts require two components — especially if those components need to be different colors or made from different plastic polymers or resins — then you will benefit from working with a plastic injection molding company that has 2 shot molding capabilities.

2 shot molding creates one, integrated part from two different resins using a single machine and mold, rather than creating parts separately and assembling them. Here are four reasons why using 2 shot injection molding can be the key to a successful product.

  1. Lower Costs

Creating a complex part on a single machine has several cost advantages. Cutting down on the number of machines and processes involved (molding piece #1, molding piece #2, and then assembling them) can streamline and speed up production of the finished parts. Using only one machine cycle instead of two saves both energy and production costs. You also save labor costs by eliminating the need for separate assembly.

  1. Product Quality

When components need to be moved to a different machine for integration with other components, the risk of misalignment and other handling errors is increased. 2 shot molding, with the complete process done on a single machine, reduces the potential for defects and elevates product quality. The process also allows you to combine different plastic materials, such as nylon or silicone and thermoplastics, for more advanced designs. So you could have, for example, a tool with a hard nylon core and a soft plastic grip. You can also create parts with more than one color or texture, making them more visually appealing.

  1. Performance

2 shot molding can also enhance a part’s performance. With this process, the two components are molded and bonded together without any need for glues, screws, or other adhesives used in separate assembly. The finished product is therefore more durable. The ability to combine hard and soft materials can also create better, stronger seals for parts such as gaskets. For example, a tubing connector with an o-ring that is built in through 2 shot molding instead of inserted separately will form a more reliable seal. Ergonomics are also improved by combining different materials, as with the hard tool and soft, comfortable grip.

  1. Efficiency

2 shot molding eliminates waste in a variety of ways. A single machine cycle takes less time and energy, and the process results in fewer defects and wasted materials, all of which add up to cost-savings for you.

Are you working with an efficient plastics manufacturer? At Viking Plastics, we are on a lean journey: we actively dedicate ourselves to eliminating all forms of waste, simplifying our processes, and improving efficiencies on a daily basis. Utilizing the 2 shot injection molding process is one way to accomplish all of these goals.


To learn more about 2 shot injection molding, click here, or contact Viking Plastics for more information on how this process can work for your project.