Benefits of Lean Manufacturing for Plastic Injection Molding Customers

Lean manufacturing boils down to a simple principle: when our customers are happy, our business is successful. The benefits of lean manufacturing for plastic injection molding customers start with Viking Plastics looking at the things our customers value — the quality of the product, fast response to changes, and quick delivery of products. We create a value stream from the raw materials through product delivery to your facility.

But we don’t stop once we’ve devised the formula for customer satisfaction. Our lean culture is one of continuous improvement with the ultimate goal of perfect processes, perfect products, and perfectly satisfied customers.

Our Lean Journey

In 2011, Viking Plastics embarked on a journey of continuous improvement and culture transformation, following the “2-Second Lean” model. We educated all of our employees — in all job descriptions — on the “eight wastes” targeted for elimination by lean manufacturing organizations. We also established the expectation that everyone would make small, daily, continuous improvements.  Our culture empowers all of us to “fix what bugs us” and make our jobs as waste-free, streamlined, and efficient as possible. We minimize the non-value added processes and eliminate the “papercuts” from delivering the higher quality and better efficiency.

Each of our employees attends a daily drumbeat meeting where we share important metrics about our business, share reports of the improvements we make, learn something new each day, and align and interact as a team — an important factor in our success as a lean company.

Our Customers are the Real Winners

While we strive for perfection through continuous improvement and reduce wasted materials, wasted steps and wasted time, we’ve developed a great work environment and a more profitable business, but the real benefits of lean manufacturing are for plastic injection molding customers.

We deliver products and services:

  • Faster
  • More efficiently
  • More cost-effectively
  • With higher quality

You also get to work with a company that really cares about customer satisfaction. It’s simple: When you’re happy, you’ll maintain your relationship with us for the long term.

We want you to continue to partner with us, so we are committed to continuously improve to make sure we are always your best choice.  We’re committed to lean and we’re committed to you.