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Jimmy’s been in Plastic Injection Molding since 1999. Certified in Scientific Injection Molding, he’s held many roles on the manufacturing floor.


After the first few years, he started to move into more Technical Roles and after five years he moved into supervisory and management roles.


Jimmy really enjoys working with all departments to help make Viking’s Strategic Business Plan successful. He also works with customers on current and new projects during the development stages and into production. This also helps Jimmy understand the sales side of the business a little more.


Jimmy’s happy knowing that Viking cares about employees and their opinions. “We are asked to ‘fix what bugs us’ to make things a little bit better for tomorrow.” says Jimmy. “That way, all employees can make a difference. It gives us a sense of ownership and allows us to express what we think will work instead of just having do something because someone set it up that way.”


Jimmy is the proud father of three boys and a girl!