Viking Plastics produces battery-cooling water crossover assemblies for the Jeep Wrangler 4xe plug- in hybrid. The water crossover part is used to link the coolant channels across different areas of the battery case, as the hybrid battery assembly consists of a series of batteries located within a large aluminum molded case. Coolant is cycled through the channels in the aluminum to heat and cool the batteries. Viking ensures the coolant channels of the case are properly aligned to provide a leak-proof seal on flanges around the coolant openings.

Viking Plastics is currently working with several other customers to develop thermal cooling ports, sealing components, connectors, manifolds, isolators, brackets, and covers for ICE, hybrid and electric vehicles. Our core business is functional plastics for under the hood automotive and HVAC applications. Additionally, Viking’s core competencies include tight tolerance molding, less than 0.5 PPM manufacturing, manual and automated assembly, and lean manufacturing principles. With extensive experience in optimizing performance through plastics, Viking is a leader in developing custom molded components.