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Viking Plastics in Corry, PA


  • Viking Academy Squared Presents Value Stream Map

    Viking Academy Squared is a continuation of Viking Academy, and was created to take an even deeper dive into continuous improvement. The members of Viking Academy Squared were selected by the Viking Plastics management team, and the only prerequisite was to have previously gone through Viking Academy. The class is working on a project to map…

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  • 4 Reasons to Choose Insert Molding for Plastic Parts

    Insert molding is a specialized type of injection molding that combines different materials into a single finished part. While 2 shot molding allows multiple types of plastics to be combined, insert molding allows the inclusion of metal components in a plastic part. For example, you could have a plastic cabinet-door knob with a metal fastening…

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  • Viking Plastics Acquires Kentucky Manufacturing & Technology

    Acquisition enables Viking Plastics to expand into Southeast U.S. and into new markets   Corry, PA — May 9, 2017 — Viking Plastics, a leading injection molding and value-added assembly service provider, today announced its acquisition of Kentucky Manufacturing & Technology (KMT), a Louisville, KY-based manufacturer of high-precision, custom injection molded products. The acquisition of…

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  • 4 Reasons 2 Shot Molding is Better than Part Assembly

    When plastic parts require two components — especially if those components need to be different colors or made from different plastic polymers or resins — then you will benefit from working with a plastic injection molding company that has 2 shot molding capabilities. 2 shot molding creates one, integrated part from two different resins using a…

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  • Viking Academy Graduation- Class 8

    Viking Academy is a 12 class program with a mission of developing a culture of continuous improvement through education, engagement, and enthusiasm towards continuous improvement practices and Viking. Along with learning various lean initiatives, the class also performs a SWOT analysis on the company, and learns about company history, financials, IT, and quality.  Each class picks…

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  • Viking Plastics’ Suzhou, China, Partner Poly-Cast Plant to Expand

    The new facility will double Poly-Cast Suzhou’s current footprint and support expanded capabilities and continued growth.  The Poly-Cast Co. Ltd. plastic injection molding plant in Suzhou, China, is expanding to a new facility in Q2 2017, doubling its current square footage to support consistent annual growth. The business is owned by Corry, PA-based Viking Plastics…

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