At Viking Plastics, we offer more than excellent injection molding services.  Viking provides full-service contract manufacturing capabilities spanning a range of needs.  From simple 2 part assemblies to complex, 14+ component assemblies that integrate vision system inspections and high resolution torque testing, Viking has the experience to identify solutions to your manufacturing problems.  Viking deploys cameras, pressure decay tests, robotics, transducers, sensors, probes and other techniques to yield the results you need.

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Today, over 65% of Viking products go through some type of assembly process, and that experience is engaged on every new program.  Utilizing “lessons learned” and best practices, Viking brings many years of assembly experience to our customers.  While humans are 85% effective at defect detection, robots, cameras and other pokayoke systems are deployed to attain 100% detection capability.  Viking strives to be a value adding supplier/partner, and reducing waste in the supply network is possible by utilizing Viking’s assembly capabilities.

Viking deploys assembly at various stages of the manufacturing process, and we’ll ask you about your needs and other parts that interface with the products you’d like us to produce.  We want to understand applications of programs and look for opportunities to reduce waste in the supply chain.  Integration of assembly immediately post molding is an excellent way to add value and reduce motion, transportation, and inventory (WIP) wastes.  Additionally, Viking offers manufacturing cells and has a designated assembly department (VAPCo) that provides dedicated assembly services.  With each program, Viking engineers will assess the specific program needs and determine the optimal manufacturing methods.

Each of Viking’s assembly departments is fully integrated into the Viking systems that deliver low DPPM’s and ensure manufacturing efficiencies.  From training, to the utilization of standard work practices, to our ERP system, Viking wraps a process around assembly services to provide exceptional results.  We hope we can demonstrate to you our broad capabilities and help you realize savings in your supply chain.

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