Automated Assembly

PPM defective rate less that 1

We employ semi- and fully-automated assembly while integrating product features verification (pokayoke) to ensure all products are being produced with the highest quality.

At times, operator-assisted automation is used to pace production, ensure quality standards are met, and to drive continuous improvement in products and services.

Where appropriate, we choose to run 100% fully automatic assembly cells with zero human touches to optimize throughput and maximize efficiencies.

Whichever process is appropriate to assemble and box parts, our robotic processes allow for shorter cycle times, improved quality and reliability, performing with precision and high repeatability.

Although not all our processes require automation, we try to eliminate all non-value added touches to make sure the plastic parts go straight from molding machine into the box. We are constantly seeking new ways to innovate our production and testing to meet the needs of our customers and determine the best automation route to meet their requirements.

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