Here at Viking Plastics we are committed to staying ahead of the curve. We are constantly seeking new ways to innovate our production to meet the needs of our customers and to determine the best automation route to meet their requirements. We have recently added a Dual Feed Cap with seal insertion assembler that allows for two different caps to run simultaneously to optimize throughput and maximize efficiencies. Viking Plastics also utilizes fully automated assembly and poka-yoke to ensure all products are being produced at the highest quality.

We have the ability to respond to customers going into full production months prior to the anticipated date. To support a customer application, we installed a dedicated production cell, including two molding machines feeding a semi-automated rotary table to ultrasonically weld two components together, insert limiters, and inspect the finished product. This assured quality measures were met prior to packaging. This dedicated cell approach including automation allowed us to meet increased demand from the customer, while saving energy and reducing rejections.

Although not all our processes require automation, we try to eliminate all non-value added touches to make sure the plastic parts goes straight from molding machine into the box.

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