Hot Stamping

For high-end plastic part decoration

When a metallic looking finish is desired, foils and specialty films can be used. Sheen and layers of protection can also be added by selecting the correct film. Compatibility and good adhesion must be considered.

Viking Plastics takes custom hot stamp designs and creates dies machined from copper, brass, magnesium, steel, or silicone, depending on the detail of the artwork and the expected part production volume.

Hot stamping foils are available in a wide array of colors and finishes, from matte to high gloss, from specialty foils to holographic and metallic. Hot stamping can be used on flat and rounded surfaces and can cover an entire perimeter or the front and back of a specified surface, all in one operation.

Because the ink used in the process is dry, there is no need for specialized venting equipment, no drying time to slow down production and no chemicals to deal with. Packaging and handling costs decrease because the decorated parts can be volume packed on-line without damage to the decorated part surfaces.

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