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Injection Molding
Viking Plastics has been a leader in the injection molding industry for over 40 years. Running 34 presses at our Corry, Pennsylvania facility, Viking Plastics is able to offer our customers a reliable source for plastic components requiring:

Unscrewing Molds/Molding
Unscrewing molding is a unique injection molding process with mold technology that includes movement and rotation to produce threaded components. Viking Plastics has numerous unscrewing molds in operation that are either hydraulically actuated or servo electric driven. These molds produce both external and internal threads. Our team possesses a great amount of experience with threads, thread design, and tool design requirements for threads.

Tooling for unscrewing molds tends to be more complex. Even though other molders may shy away from them because of their intricacies and requirements, Viking Plastics is up to the challenge.

Tight Tolerance Molding
Quality AssuranceAt Viking Plastics, we work alongside many customers who have tight tolerance for part requirements due to their particular design interactions in the final assembly of their product. Stringent measurements can be vital on the performance on simple to complex parts. Based on the material, features, and feature size, tolerances of ±0.001” can be achieved repeatedly. Examples of tight tolerance molding can be found in many of the components we mold, such as gears, kinematics, fluid handling components, and the millions of threaded caps we produce annually.


2 Shot Molding
Insert MoldingThe 2 shot molding process, offered by Viking Plastics, allows for production of complex components from two different polymer materials. Viking utilizes 2 shot molding to combine different materials and/or colors in one process to improve cost effectiveness, reduce processing steps and improving product performance and quality (such as applying soft touch polymers over rigid materials to act as a seal). The physical bond between the materials improves product durability, appearance and transition between materials and reduces costs due to elimination of process compared to two piece designs.


Insert Molding
Viking Plastics offers our customers insert molding capabilities, which is a unique molding process that allows combinations of metals and plastics or other discrete parts to be combined into a single component through the injection of thermoplastic around the strategically placed parts (inserts). Insert molding reduces assembly and labor costs, while improving component strength and reliability. Here at Viking we pride ourselves on our molding capabilities and solutions to help create the most cost efficient and high quality products for our customers.

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