Insert Molding

Combine Multiple Components Into a Single Part

Insert molding is a specialized process offered by Viking Plastics. It involves the injection of thermoplastic around an existing non-plastic part to create a single, integrated part.

Inserted components can be almost anything — magnets, screws, fasteners, rivets, tubes — and can be made of a variety of metals including brass, stainless steel, or copper.


Insert Molding Process
Design is a key factor in a successful insert molding process. The mold design must be able to accommodate the insert, which itself must be carefully designed to integrate with the plastic part. In addition, the metal insert must be able to handle the extreme temperatures of the insert molding process.

Once the mold is designed, the actual process is similar to injection molding except the metal insert is placed into the mold prior to injection, either by an operator or through an automation process using robotics. It’s then anchored in the mold and held in place with gravity, magnets or other means.

The mold is then closed and plastics are injected into the cavity surrounding the insert. Lastly, it is cooled and allowed to solidify, creating a final part that is comprised of the newly molded plastic and the metal insert, all in one.

Insert Molding Benefits
There are tangible benefits to using insert molding. It allows engineers to add inserts into the plastic parts for increased durability and enhanced performance. The process also gives engineers the ability to add features that could not be achieved with plastic alone.

Insert molding reduces or even eliminates the installation of metal components post-molding. Eliminating this extra processing time, labor, and equipment can make insert molding a cost-effective solution for your production needs.

Many Viking Plastics customers choose insert molding because it:

  • Lowers assembly and labor costs
  • Reduces the weight and size of parts
  • Produces more reliable components
  • Enhances strength and structure
  • Gives you more design flexibility

Vikings experienced team will walk you through the entire process and work with you to develop a solid insert molding design.

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