New Tool Build

Our skilled staff of designers work with you each step of the way, using the latest hardware and software to design molds of unsurpassed quality and durability. With your sample profile, a CAD file or a dimensioned sketch, we design precision profile tooling with safety, accuracy, exceptional performance and our customers’ complete satisfaction in mind.

  • From single cavity to Multi cavity tools with Hot Runner Systems
  • Unscrewing tools
  • Over mold tools

Machining Centers. Our vertical machining centers are committed to a very diverse workload, ranging from intricate and small mold cores to large mold bases. Capacity of travel is 35” x 60” x 28”. Our high-speed machining centers offer rapid feed rate on complex contours.

CNC EDM Machines. CNC wire and sinker EDM machines play a very crucial role in achieving the many complex shapes that make up a modern mold. The Sodick Wire EDM machines are used to form many complex shapes while holding print dimensions to very close tolerances. They are capable of burning draft angles in the tool as necessary.

CNC Wire Machines. CNC wire machines make graphite electrodes which are delicate and complex, allowing us to develop a one-piece electrode to be used in our RAM type EDMs. Inserts can be duplicated with a high degree of accuracy, or the program can be modified at any time without having to rebuild the complete tool. Programs can be saved for future use to make inserts that fit the tool without being in our facility.

Grinders/Mills. Intricate details and final fittings are accomplished with close tolerance milling and boring, jig grinding and delicate form grinding. Combined with our overall shop structure, our machining ability is limitless.

Rapid prototyping. We have the ability to create STL files for SLA and SLS machines for rapid prototyping. Three-dimensional designing coupled with three-dimensional CNC programming takes the guesswork out of any complex shape.

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