Ultrasonic Welding

Ultrasonic welding is one of the most popular methods of joining two molded plastic parts. The process uses low amplitude, high frequency vibrations to generate surface and intermolecular friction, which then produces heat from the mechanical motion and pressure. The friction between the two pieces then creates a molecular bond that fuses the parts together. Ultrasonic welding is an efficient and cost effective solution for many applications — the only real barrier to using this technology is excessively thick parts.

Ultrasonic welding can be easily automated in the production process reducing man hours required for production and eliminating the need for adhesives and fasteners. It also cures very quickly, often in less than one second, and produces a clean, tight seal.

Ultrasonic Welding Applications
Ultrasonic welding allows you to mold pieces separately and then fuse the multiple units together, creating a more complex single part. It’s a highly precise and low-contaminate process, making it an ideal process for parts used in a variety of applications across many industries including aerospace, automotive, computer, consumer products, electrical, medical and packaging.

Ultrasonic welding is used in the production of items such as:

  • Circuits and wiring
  • Flash drives and computer disks
  • Instrument panels and engine components
  • Medical filters and tubing
  • Sealing and beverage containers

Turn to Viking Plastics’ Ultrasonic Welding Experts for Your Solution
Viking Plastics has the knowledge and expertise to provide your company with the ultrasonic welding services you need.  We have invested in the most up-to-date equipment and advanced monitoring capabilities to ensure precision and consistent quality. Our monitoring capabilities allow a review of process data and the ability to set acceptance/rejection criteria based on weld parameters. We have extensive experience producing complex parts, and we’re ready to put that knowledge to work for you.

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