A recent report published by the Mobile Air Climate System Association (MACS) highlights a concerning issue in the automotive industry. After surveying over 12,000 shops and technicians with 17 questions and 4 opportunities to provide comments, the MACS team found that over 50% of vehicles were missing Chargeport Caps at the time of service.

This issue is costing consumers, dealers, and OEMs significant amounts of time and money. However, the same report reveals that this issue could be prevented by utilizing a cap with an attached tether.

Viking Plastics’ tethered Universal Chargeport Cap is a simple yet effective solution that attaches the cap to the vehicle with a flexible tether. This ensures that the cap is always attached to the vehicle, preventing it from being lost or misplaced. By using this product, vehicle owners can avoid the hassle and expense of having to replace lost Chargeport Caps. Viking’s Universal Chargeport Cap has been uniquely designed to meet the requirements of the R134a Refrigerant and hfo1234yf Refrigerant. With various sizes and colors to fit all valves in the industry, Viking Plastics offers customers multiple solutions to their charge port.

“We are proud to offer a solution that not only addresses a common issue in the automotive industry but also promotes sustainability and reduces waste,” said Glenn Joseph, Director of Sales & Marketing at Viking Plastics. “We designed this product to address a problem in the automotive industry and help vehicle owners and service centers save time and money. Our tethered Universal Chargeport Cap is a win-win for everyone.”

The company has shipped over 20 million caps with tethers into the automotive industry. Products like Viking Plastics’ tethered Universal Chargeport Cap help consumers, dealers, and OEMs avoid unnecessary expenses and streamline their operations.


About Viking Plastics
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Viking Plastics has established a culture of lean manufacturing and continuous improvement, holding daily drumbeat meetings that help every employee think like a process engineer. For more information about Viking Plastics’ tethered Universal Chargeport Cap, visit www.vikingplastics.com.

Shana Bailey
Viking Plastics