Innovative Plastic Injection Molding that Stays Ahead of a Changing Industry

As new regulations are enacted and the HVAC industry migrates to different refrigerants, your business needs a partner that stays ahead of change with innovation. Viking Plastics is an industry leader in plastic injection molding for HVAC applications requiring sealing solutions such as threaded sealing caps, disposable shipping caps, and custom molded parts. We have developed a proprietary line of threaded sealing caps and disposable shipping caps for automotive and HVAC applications, and we were ahead of the industry shift from the R-134a refrigerant to HFO-1234yf with Viking Plastics’ Universal Chargeport Cap.

Our experienced team of engineers will work with you throughout resin selection and design to ensure your products meet specifications and tight tolerances, and our PPM rate of less than 1 is evidence our team takes care through every step of the plastic injection molding production process so you receive high-quality parts and our support through sealing caps to minimize refrigerant leakage.

Viking Plastics HVAC Products for Any Application 

Viking Plastics has decades of experience producing HVAC caps, suction funnels, and custom molded components for the commercial HVAC industry.

Various Universal Cap

We produce a wide range of plastic and rubber sealing closures for under-the-hood HVAC applications, including our industry-leading Universal Chargeport Cap.

Partner with us for custom parts for freezers, chillers, and walk-in coolers, designed to withstand frigid temperatures and to comply with FDA regulations.

Battery Cooling
At Viking Plastics we use our years of experience in HVAC cooling processes to produce parts for systems that maintain hybrid and electric vehicle batteries.

As an industry leader in plastic injection molding for HVAC components, Viking Plastics provides its customers with quality, cost-effective sealing solutions that keep them in compliance with industry and regulatory standards.

Expertise and Advanced Technology

Viking Plastics’ capabilities include advanced plastic injection molding strategies, techniques and technologies.

Some of the processes we use to produce parts for HVAC applications include:

  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Very tight tolerances (+/- 0.001 inches)
  • Secondary assembly
  • Insert molding
  • Two-shot molding

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