Viking Plastics has been a key global provider to automotive OEM and tier suppliers of HVAC, shipping caps, and custom molded components to the automotive industry for more than 30 years. Our experience with conventional, two shot, and insert molding capabilities, as well as our global presence, sets us apart from the competition and facilitates our ability to be a supplier for automobile companies around the world. We pride ourselves on our speed to market, quality, and reliability. With the automotive industry’s continued growth and use of plastic components, Viking Plastics is committed to being a major supplier.

Automotive Parts

Viking Plastics motor parts

We produce both proprietary and custom parts that play critical roles within the automotive industry – from custom brackets, harnesses, and components to proprietary HVAC and shipping caps. Our diverse molding experience allow Viking Plastics to make countless parts for a variety of applications. Our harness and bracket technology sets an industry standard. We possess the capabilities to create fuel system products such as complex connectors. Viking’s proprietary line of caps and closures is also the standard in the automotive industry.

Viking Plastics supplies products for numerous types of vehicles. The trucking industry is continuing its shift into more plastic components, as they are lightweight, offer better fuel economy, and are impact resistant. Weight reduction, whether via metal to plastic conversion or simple elimination of weight due to technology advances, is an important driver in the automotive industry. Viking Plastics also caters to the recreation, agricultural, and construction industries. Plastic parts are durable and don’t corrode like metal, so they can be exposed to the elements without breaking down. Plastic parts are much more economical and cheaper than metal parts.

Our years of experience (more than 10 years in emission assemblies – DPS, EGT, and NOx) and thorough knowledge of the industry makes Viking Plastics a trustworthy partner in the transportation market. From heavy truck to recreational driving, Viking Plastics delivers the best products for your industry.

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