Battery Cases

Tight Tolerance, Chemical Resistant, High Temperature Resins

With trains, subways, and other forms of transportation relying on battery power for a variety of operations, the industry needs an economical solution to meet those demands. Viking Plastics’ battery cases are a part of the total solution. Our specialized plastic injection molding processes result in superior energy and battery cases that withstand harsh chemicals and environments but are also cost-effective.

Viking Plastics’ engineers help our customers select materials that meet specifications for performance and durability as well as for chemical resistance to ensure the finished product is perfectly suited to the application.

Our customers consider us trusted partners that deliver on promises to provide consistent, high-quality products that contribute to safe, reliable transportation.

Battery Cases from Viking Plastics

battery casing for transportation
We manufacture high temperature acid resistant and flame retardant battery cases for subways, electric locomotives, cross terrains, buses, and personal transportation such as segways and mopeds.

Vehicle Battery casing
Our cases offer protection under the hood with the newest technologies in specialty resins focusing on durability and reliability. Our cases stand up to harsh, dusty environments and help provide longer battery life.

Since 1995, Viking Plastics has produced optimized battery cases for railway and other transportation applications.

Unbeatable Quality from Viking Plastics

We stand apart from the competition with our capability to produce battery cases from high-temperature plastics, which are physically stable and resistant to harsh chemicals, and the optimal choice for battery cases. In addition, our engineers provide expert guidance to customers and design expertise throughout high-temperature plastic injection molding projects.

Viking Plastics also provides:

  • Options for transparent plastics
  • Zero draft parts

Expert Battery Case Manufacturing

Viking Plastics enhances the plastic battery cases parts manufacturing that we provide with specialized process and value-added services such as:

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