Commercial Filtration Parts

Viking Plastics’ Focus on Quality Ensures Exceptional Products

Viking Plastics produces a wide range of products for filtration applications including brackets, filter assemblies and filter housings. Our solutions are designed and manufactured to specification, enabling you to meet industry and regulatory standards. Our commitment to quality enables us to meet — or exceed — customer expectations through continuous evaluation and improvement of our processes. Performance testing is second nature to our team, which works to ensure we are providing quality products.

We offer secondary assembly services and work with you to integrate our products into your total solution. Viking Plastics also offers specialty packaging to prepare products for shipping.

Commercial Filtration Parts from Viking Plastics

water filtration

Water Filtration
We provide parts and assembled components for commercial water filtration and municipal water systems.

Viking Plastics provides NSF- compliant filters for commercial appliance and vacuum applications.

Viking Plastics has extensive experience in providing air, fuel, and other filters for automotive systems.


HVAC/Building Systems
We produce air filters for commercial heating and air conditioning and air purification systems.

industrial aviation filtration

Industrial & Aviation Housings
Viking Plastics manufactures filter aviation housing for the aircraft industry.

Medical Filtration
We produce support filters for the medical industry.

Since the 1980s, Viking Plastics has provided top-quality plastic injection molding products for filtration applications. Our extensive experience working with companies in these industries allows us to use the optimal process, and, if needed, to design specialized processes to meet our customers’ specifications.

Advanced Technology and Value-Added Services

Viking Plastics has a wide range of plastic injection molding capabilities and value-added services that ensure the finished product meets specifications:

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