Industrial Plastic Appliance Parts

Our Experience and Know-How Helps You Design Optimal Parts

Viking Plastics supports the commercial appliance industry’s search for innovative and aesthetic solutions with advanced plastic appliance parts manufacturing. For both parts the user can see, such as parts for ice machines and coffee makers, and parts you can’t see, such as housings for internal components, Viking Plastics delivers parts that meet specifications for your assembly.

Throughout each project, we provide material guidance, problem-solving and design as well as testing to ensure our clients receive optimal products. We can assist with redesign and reverse engineering to replace metal with lightweight, economical plastic parts. Our mold flow analysis takes the guesswork out of design, saving you money when it’s time to launch. Viking Plastics also offers rapid prototyping via 3D printing, which allows you to see and test a conceptualization of a part during the testing and design process.

Industrial Plastic Appliance Parts from Viking Plastics

coffee dispensers

Liquid Dispensers
Viking Plastics provides durable, cost-effective solutions including liquid dispensers and dispensing valve assemblies.

Ice Makers
We provide reliable, economical plastic parts for commercial ice makers and commercial appliances.

Coffee Dispensers
Our products include both internal and external parts for commercial coffee makers such as baskets, funnels, and faucets.

Industrial Filtration
Basket Filters
We manufacture durable basket filters for coffee makers.

Since 1990, Viking Plastics has developed extensive expertise in industrial plastic appliance parts manufacturing as well as in regulatory and industry standards our customers must comply with, such as FDA and NSF.

Expert Plastic Appliance Parts Manufacturing

Viking Plastics enhances the plastic appliance parts manufacturing that we provide with specialized process and value-added services such as:

  • Pad printing
  • Hot stamping
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Overmolding
  • Secondary assembly
  • Kitting

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