Lawn and Garden

Trust a Plastic Injection Molding Manufacturer that Delivers What It Promises

Consumers demand lawn and garden equipment parts that last — and the industry needs a partner it can rely on. Viking Plastics takes a consultative approach right from the start of each plastic injection molding project, to help select materials and design parts. Our experienced team can also assist with décor and packaging, so your product is ready for shipment directly to a retail outlet.

Viking Plastics’ business is built on trust — we deliver what we say we will deliver — and our customers have 100% confidence in the integrity and quality of our products.

Lawn and Garden Equipment Parts from Viking Plastics

Viking Plastics provides a variety of parts for the lawn and garden equipment market including wheel fasteners, lawn mower engines, and fuel components. Our experience in this industry enables us to produce high-quality parts that meet industry and safety standards.

The Benefits of Partnering with Viking Plastics

We offer an array of plastic injection molding capabilities and value-added services that we can leverage to produce quality products to meet your specifications:

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