Viking Plastics partner expands to accommodate growing appliance industry business

March 18 2019, Aruja, São Paulo, Brazil – InjeQualy Indutria LTDA, a Brazil-based injection molding company, has added a 600-ton press, expanding its production capacity to accommodate customers in the white goods appliance industry with high-volume production needs.

The ROMI® Primax® 600R is the latest addition at its 18,500 square foot facility, bringing the number of presses operating to 14, including vertical machines.

“This new ROMI press offers up to 600 tons of clamping force, allowing InjeQualy to produce larger, heavier parts in high volume for our customers in the appliance industry,” said Fernando Esteves, Director of Development for InjeQualy Indutria LTDA. “Our state-of-the-art facility continues to grow to meet increasing demand.”

Founded in 2003, InjeQualy Indutria LTDA is a partner of Viking Plastics in Corry, Pennsylvania USA. InjeQualy molds tight-tolerance products for automotive, consumer and industrial markets. The company is ISO 9002 certified and is working toward ISO 14001 certification in 2019.

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Fernando Esteves

Director of Development

InjeQualy Indutria LTDA


Phone: 55 11 20533376