December 6, 2019, Aruja, São Paulo, Brazil—Injequaly Industria LTDA, a Brazil-based injection molding company, added five injection molding machines to their manufacturing plant this year with the addition of 600, 470, 280, 120 and 90 ton machines and an internal tool shop to increase high volume production capabilities for customers in the home appliance industry.

This year, the company expanded its manufacturing footprint, adding to the company’s 18,500 square foot facility in São Paulo. This expansion has enabled Injequaly to reach 16 presses, with room for more.

“Those new presses include a 600-ton machine, allowing us to produce larger, heavier parts in high volume for our customers in the appliance industry,” said Fernando Esteves, Director of Development for Injequaly Industria LTDA. “By adding a complete tool shop right in our facility, we can create up to 2-ton molds and handle routine maintenance or repairs in-house. This helps us react more quickly if mold problems occur so we can streamline our response time.”

Founded in 2003, Injequaly Industria LTDA is a partner of Viking Plastics in Corry, Pennsylvania USA. Injequaly molds tight-tolerance products for automotive, consumer and industrial markets. The company is ISO 9002 certified and is working toward ISO 14001 certification in 2019.