Interior Automotive


Lightweight, cost-effective, safe and comfortable


Drivers are looking for a ride that is as safe and comfortable a possible. To help you accomplish this, we manufacture structural support components for seat and door applications using injection molded HDPE, PA, PP and ABS, which are lightweight and strong.


For challenging structural applications, we offer lightweighting and cost-effectiveness—without compromising design freedom or complex pressure requirements.




Viking Plastics is a vertically-integrated manufacturer of functional and structural components utilized in headrests.  Our headrest guides meet the stringent federal standards to make sure your ride is as safe and as smooth as possible.


Using multiple production processes, our headrests components meet customer-specific criteria from trim materials to mechanical function. We manufacture headrests guides with injection molded HDPE, PA and ABS materials for energy absorbing systems integral with the rod mechanisms.


Our experienced, skilled and diverse workforce ensures the absolute highest quality and best value, conforming to extremely tight tolerances for a smooth, finished look. State-of-the-art technology minimizes waste.


Click here to watch our video on headrest guides.



Strength, safety, functionality


We manufacture both large and small tight tolerance components for sunroofs systems. PP+GF, TPE, POM, PC/ABS and TPE materials provide lightweight strength, safety and functionality to the sunroof system. These systems can be assembled both as bottom-loaded and as top-loaded.







Meeting exacting requirements for safety, comfort and style


Viking Plastics has developed seating solutions that provide safety, sustainability, comfort and style. For major automakers worldwide, we manufacture numerous parts for interior seat trim that not only meet and exceed OEM standards, but have a beautiful, Class A finish. Advanced PC/ABS blends, Reinforced Elastomers, PP compounds, and TPE Solutions enable us to meet the complex and exacting requirements of trim manufacturing.



Structural strength, safety and attractiveness


From the trim to the speakers, Viking Plastics exceeds customer standards for outstanding interior door components. We produce functional door components, Class A surfaces and products ready for secondary processing including chroming, wrapping, printing, and painting.


We use ABS, PC/ABS, PP, Reinforced Elastomers and TPE for structural strength, while meeting the requirements of optimal ergonomics, safety, and attractiveness.