State-of-the-art 3D measurement offers greater precision

With the complexity of today’s molded parts, there are dimensions that are physically impossible to measure using standard tools, vision and even touch probe machines. In these instances, we need to go beyond the ability of standard tools to measure with greater precision.

Viking Plastics employs a 3D laser scanner, made by ShapeGrabber, which complements the CMM by allowing our quality department to measure millions of points in just a matter of minutes.

The ShapeGrabber Ai310 takes a full 360° scan of a part and translates it into a point cloud, which can then be overlaid to CAD. Using a color map, we are able to determine every high or low spot in a part using dimensioning tolerances taken from 2D print or CAD. With this capability, Viking Plastics can create a 3D PDF that can be sent to the customer allowing them to see possible design improvements.