Decoupled Molding

Viking Plastics has employed Decoupled 2 without cavity pressure sensors for years.  The Decoupled Molding process separates the molding process into specific fill, pack, and hold portions.  This technology allows Viking Plastics to improve part quality through a higher level of consistency in our processes.  We also set windows around key molding outputs to determine part quality enabling machine QC packages to make the decision to accept or reject parts.

Viking Plastics also implements Decoupled 3 molding techniques utilizing RJG cavity pressure transducers to control filling and transfer to the pack and hold phases of the process.  As we deploy cavity pressure technology, we are utilizing the industry’s best technology to control and monitor the various phases of our molding processes.  Cavity pressure monitoring also provides another level of protection/quality through the ability to accept/reject parts based on cavity pressure, in addition to the molding machine’s quality controls.