RJG Technology

Installed in 2006, RJG Technology (eDART System™) is a comprehensive tool allowing the improvement of molding quality, productivity, and profitability. The eDART System™ is the most comprehensive and powerful process control and monitoring system for injection molding. With eDART™, molders are able to realize many significant benefits versus traditional control and monitoring systems.

  • Verification of correct process input and template validation
  • Highest level detection and containment capabilities for defects
  • Improved part quality (tighter process windows, lowest part variation)
  • Exceptional data review capabilities for each shot
  • Most precise and scientific process setups to coincide with specific mold, material, and machines being used

RJG TechnologiesWith an RJG system deployed on a machine, processors gain access to the most information available for setting up the best processes. Cavity Pressure technology eliminates a lot of “noise” found in standard molding that can cover up issues and potential failures. Friction, distance, and pressure losses are all negated as the processor gains insight into what is happening in the mold cavity before the mold even opens.

Our commitment to RJG is more than just a beneficial capability. Viking Plastics made a commitment to properly train our staff and ensure RJG is running correctly to guarantee continuous improvement. With regularly scheduled meetings and RJG training in Rochester NY, our process technicians and engineers are highly trained and capable of running the RJG Technology to its fullest potential.