Viking Plastics Introduces New Assembly Line Dust Cap for Automotive Fluid Handling Systems

Corry, PA — November 27, 2017 —Viking Plastics, a leading injection molding and value-added assembly service provider, has expanded its product offering to include Metal Seal Fittings (MSF) Caps, a protective dust cap for use on automotive assembly lines.

The MSF Cap protects fluid handling systems during shipping up until their final assembly, to keep dust and other contaminates out of the empty metallic fluid channels until they are ready to be filled.

Viking Plastics engineered a translucent model, in contrast to the standard opaque caps that are currently on the market.  The see-through cap enables the automotive assembly line to visually identify the presence of a seal through the cap without removing it.

“Viking Plastics is always innovating with our customers’ efficiency in mind,” said Viking Plastics CEO Kelly Goodsel. “The translucent cap saves time by providing visibility, while still protecting the system from dust and other contaminants.”

Additional benefits of Viking Plastics’ MSF Cap include:

  • Easy removal on the assembly line
  • Protection during hot and cold cycles during shipping
  • The ability to detect a seal without taking it off the port

The Viking Plastics’ MSF Cap is now available to manufacturers.  The sizes that are currently available are:

1/2” 12.7mm
5/8” 18.7mm


Contact Viking Plastics for additional information.


About Viking Plastics:

Founded in 1972, Viking Plastics is a privately held, injection molding and value-added assembly service provider, delivering innovative products including sealing solutions, custom injection molding, assembly, and post-molding secondary services. Viking Plastics’ multiple plants house more than 60 global molding machines, with capabilities spanning the range from 50- to 720-ton injection molding, as well as capabilities including 2 shot, insert molding, and automated assembly cells. Viking Plastics is ISO/TS 16949:2009 and ISO 14001:2004 certified.