In the month of July, Viking Plastics was fortunate enough to welcome 14 new employees!  Every couple months, we host a “New Employee Breakfast” or “New Employee Lunch” to welcome a small group of newly hired individuals.

On July 12th, we hosted a new employee breakfast and welcomed:

Cathy Bailey, Operator
Michaela Kent, Operator
Nicholas Bimber, Operator
Barry Drayer, Operator
Victoria Miller, Operator
Jessica Johnson, VapCo
Autumn Sproveri, Customer Service

On July 27th, at a new employee lunch, we welcomed:

Paul Hildebrand, Purchasing Agent
Brenda Moon, Executive Assistant
Stephanie Cearfoss, VAPCo 2nd shift
Nathan Stine, Operator 2nd shift
Dennis Stowe, Operator 2nd shift
Jory Thomas, Operator 2nd shift
Elaine Ferraro, Operator 2nd shift

Each new employee gave a presentation telling a little about themselves, their current position at Viking Plastics, and any suggestions they have to improve the company. The new employee breakfasts/lunches are a great opportunity for new employees to get to know the management team and each other!