Slip-on design eliminates line worker man hours, decreasing labor costs

Corry, PA — September 21, 2017 —Viking Plastics, a leading injection molding and value-added assembly service provider, has developed an innovative, cost-saving integrated shipping cap (ISC) design for the HVAC and automotive industries.

The new, integrated shipping cap provides AC charge port valve protection during line build and transportation to the OEM. The value of this innovative cap design, however, goes beyond protection of the charge port valve — it also saves time and money.

The Viking Plastics ISC simply slips over the valve — no screwing or unscrewing is necessary. This saves time by eliminating the need for line workers to screw a nylon cap onto the valve and also saves OEM workers from having to unscrew the cap before the HVAC system is installed.

Benefits of the Viking Plastics integrated shipping cap:

  • Shorter assembly time and lower line labor costs
  • Opportunity to mate with Viking Plastics’ automotive universal chargeport threaded sealing cap, eliminating need for OEM to manage multiple part numbers
  • Less potential for valve contamination
  • Low-cost valve protection

“Viking Plastics is known as an industry leader for HVAC caps, and we’re cementing our reputation with continued innovation, like our new integrated shipping cap,” said Viking Plastics CEO Kelly Goodsel. “We identified the need in the industry for a low-cost, time-saving solution and we’re proud to bring it to market for our customers.”

To date, Viking Plastics has produced and shipped the product for an early adopting manufacturer at a volume of more than 500,000 per year. Viking Plastics integrated shipping caps are available now individually or as part of an assembly.

About Viking Plastics:

Founded in 1972, Viking Plastics is a privately held, injection molding and value-added assembly service provider, delivering innovative products including sealing solutions, custom injection molding, assembly, and post-molding secondary services. Viking Plastics’ multiple plants house more than 60 global molding machines, with capabilities spanning the range from 50- to 450-ton injection molding, as well as capabilities including 2 shot, insert molding, and automated assembly cells. Viking Plastics is ISO/TS 16949:2009, ISO 14001:2004, and ISO 9001:2015 certified.